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  • One of the world‘s leading companies for inductive components

  • Business Areas: Automotive Electronics, Industry & Energy, Home Appliances, Medical & Healthcare, Personal Electronics, Communication Equipment and others

  • 30 fully automatic production lines for customized transformers

  • HQ: Shenzhen, China

  • Established: 2000

  • Employees: 6.100+ (by the end of 2023)

  • Plants: Shenzhen (HQ), Huai’an, Dongguan, Guiyang, Quzhou, Shanghai, Xiangtan

  • ~609 mil USD annual turnover


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Welcome to the Sunlord Journey: Pioneering Automated Inductor Manufacturing Since 2000

Since its establishment, Sunlord has relentlessly pursued excellence in inductor production through automation. Their journey has propelled them to the forefront of the industry, positioning them among the top inductor manufacturers worldwide, and their trajectory continues to climb.

Sunlord’s pivot from conventional manual production practices to complete automation was underpinned by not only the development of advanced production machinery but also the reimagining of coil and core materials prevalent in the market, ensuring their customers efficiency and reliability in every component they deliver.

From their headquarters in Shenzhen, Sunlord has been globally delivering inductors of unparalleled quality, benefitting industries worldwide.

Their automated manufacturing process facilitates an astounding annual production capacity exceeding 15 billion coils and over 350 million transformers. This triumph in automated production, seamlessly integrated with our relentless pursuit of quality, resounds with the industry’s highest standards.

Join us in embracing a future where innovation and precision unite, a future where the unparalleled performance of Sunlord inductors becomes a cornerstone of your success story!

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