Nippon Chemi-Con

  • Worldwide No. 1 ~25% market share

  • Worldwide No. 1 in automotive market

  • Biggest single point of sales: alfatec group

  • HQ: Japan

  • Established: 1931

  • Employees: 6200+

  • 22 Plants: Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, …

  • 1b+ USD annual turnover

Capacitor Types

Aluminum Electrolytic Caps

Conductive Polymer Solid Caps

Conductive Polymer Hybrid Caps

Nippon Chemi-Con: Pioneering Electronic Component Development Since 1931

As one of our prime manufacturers, Nippon Chemi-Con has been at the forefront of electronic component development since 1931, starting with their groundbreaking work on aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Their commitment to advancing the electronics industry has been unwavering, and we are honored to be a part of their success story.

Nippon Chemi-Con embraces change and thrives on the challenges of the global market. They have built a highly maneuverable and flexible management system that allows them to adapt quickly to new trends and technologies. By observing present trends and envisioning future developments, they create products that meet the demands of the changing world.

Innovating for a Better Future: Nippon Chemi-Con’s Commitment to Environmental Consciousness

In this era of environmental consciousness, Nippon Chemi-Con is committed to developing products that consider the earth and people. They leverage their technical expertise to create products that lead the way in creating trends and shaping the future. As we move further into the 21st century, Nippon Chemi-Con remains dedicated to using their expertise in small electronic components to create a brighter future. We are proud to be associated with such an innovative and forward-thinking company.

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